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Why is my username blocked? Why am I being sent to NS Support?
Last Updated 4 years ago

A few reasons can be attributed to why the username is being blocked. Many times it is as simple as 5 failed attempts to log in will block the username. This block lasts about an hour, or you can submit a ticket and we can clear it for you. Other reasons can stem from a hacker trying to gain access to your membership. Many hackers use “bots” to try random combinations of letters and numbers to find an active membership. Once one is found the “bot” works on the password. After 5 failed attempts the username is blocked. This is a security system set up so hackers cannot use your paid membership. We recommend creating usernames that are more unique with a mixture of capitalized letters and numbers. If the username continues to be blocked, we will recommend changing the username and we can assist in charging it.

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