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Downloads are slow
Last Updated 4 years ago

A variety of causes can be the reason for downloads to slow down. An outage anywhere between the server you are connected to and your home. Multiple connections within the home (Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Xbox/PS/Gaming Console) along with the membership site all running at one time will degrade your connection speed and streaming/downloading will be effected.

Some solutions are checking the various other connections that are streaming/downloading at the same time. We also recommend many times to simply reboot the computer/router/modem. As we as a society continue to stay online 24/7 your internet “pipeline” gets clogged. Like an artery, bits and internet “junk” makes an open pipeline slowly get clogged. Simply restarting the computer/router/modem clears the pipeline and many times helps the connection for your entire internet surfing experience. If you continue to experience slow speeds, please contact us.

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